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Muskoka Brewery,  Bracebridge, Ontario

  • 8%ABV
  • Very deep rich black with a slight red tinge to it, descent head holds up well.
  • Heavily roasted aromas come off right away with the chocolate working it’s way in there a little.  No sign of cranberry on the nose.
  • Wow great flavour on this one!  Very smooth, with a light sweetness from the chocolate and malt.  Balancing the sour/tart of the cranberry well.  Very pleasant roasted notes as well for an excellent overall balance
  • None of the flavours asserting themselves too much making it extremely well an balanced beer.
  • Finishes clean with an enjoyable lingering roasted flavour.
  • Definitely worth checking, unanimous favourite of everyone who tried it, also very reasonably priced at $10 per 750ml bottle at Co-op, perfect for sharing!


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Birrifico Del Ducato, Italy

  • 10% ABV
  • Brewed with chili peppers and aged for six months in oak whiskey casks.
  • Thick, luscious, tan coloured head floats upon a blinding black stout.
  • Strong black licorice aroma, heavy molasses and alcohol are also detected on the nose
  • initial tastes is a malty richness,then comes in a  slight chili pepper tingle on the tongue, but not spicy.
  • Flavour is round-up with a tangy sour red fruit finish.
  • Creamy and coating mouthfeel.
  • No extra bitterness in this beer, more of a sweet stout.
  • Although stouts are generally more enjoyable when poured on draft, this is an excellent bottles stout. Give it a try.
  • Available for sale at Willow Park in Calgary


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Bilboquet Micro-Brass., St-Hyacinthe, PQ

La Corriveau is a very popular murderous tale in French Canadian folklore. Marie Corriveau is said to have violently killed up to 7 of her husbands, accused of being a witch, and sentenced to hang at the top of the gallows in an iron cage. This oatmeal stout promises to be at least as dark as the soul of Madame Corriveau. For more on the folklore of La Corriveau read this.

  • 5.5% ABV
  • Pours a deep, dark, black colour, “darker’n a black steer’s tookus on a moonless prairie night” -the dude. Black, like a cowboy takes his coffee.
  • Big, voluptuous, tan coloured head. That’s not going anywhere soon.
  • There is a big earthy, chocolate and espresso aromas.
  • Smoky cigar flavour, also huge amounts of black coffee and a touch of date sweetness. Roasted oats also comes through strong on the aftertaste.
  • Creamy mouthfeel, that totally coats the entire mouth.
  • This is a really great stout! Not overly strong on the alcohol content, not overly bitter. Nicely balanced. Tastes great and easy to drink. Doesn’t make you feel super full.
  • I would drink this again and again. This is our first beer from Bilboquet, and after trying it, we are very excited to try their other offerings. Pick up this stout at Zyn.