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Rogue Ales,  Newport, Oregon

  • 7%ABV, 30IBU’s
  • Whispy islands of head, cloudy, the colour of dusty wild roses on the side of a dirt road on the way to a pig farm way back in the sticks.
  • When you stick your nose in the glass you get a strong sweet smoke aroma. When enjoyed from a distance it really smells of maple syrup and bacon. Its breakfast.
  • The smoke is different than you would get from a scotch, it more of a mesquite smoke.
  • Flavour is malty with the added touch of slightly burnt bacon.
  • This is actually quite a tasty beer, not just an extreme novelty beer.
  • Best chances to find this beer is to check out Zyn.


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Rogue Ales,  Newport, Oregon

  • 5.3%ABV  65IBu
  • Consistently  carbonated throughout, head pours strong but disintegrates rather quickly.
  • Nice copper-rust colour.
  • Yeasty aroma with a slight sweetness that brightens it up.
  • First thing noticed on the palate is a light tingle from the heavy carbonation.  This ale is very clean, crips and refreshing with an orange pith like bitterness.
  • Pretty decent christmas ale from the fine people at Rogue, worth a try with dinner amongst friends with it’s still available.  Pick it up anywhere Rogue is sold, which is most liquor stores with a half descent beer selection.


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Rogue Ales, Portland, Oregon

  • 6.2% ABV, 33 IBU’s
  • Good and foamy, light khaki coloured head
  • Nut brown, slightly opaque beer
  • The first aroma is of fresh-baked whole wheat bread. Brown butter, caramel, chocolate, roasted nuts.
  • Slight bitter chocolate and coffee aftertaste. Bitter but also acidic.
  • Good balance. Not too sweet, not too bitter.
  • We tried mixing this beer with the Organic Strawberry Ale from Samuel Smith’s to created a PB and J beer cocktail. We mixed it 50/50. The strawberry totally over powered the nuts. Next time I would try it 75% nut ale with 25% fruit beer.


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Rogue Brewery,  Portland, Oregon

  • 5.6%ABV
  • Almost no head to speak of.
  • Deep opaque terra cotta coloured, sign of some sediment floating around in there.
  • Nutty aromas, almond and peanut butter, very light hint of hops on the nose.
  • Gooseberries on the palate, some vegetable flavours and a little of the nuttiness comes through from the aroma.
  • Very light body, and very little carbonation, this beer has little staying power on the palate.