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Muskoka Brewery,  Bracebridge, Ontario

  • 8%ABV
  • Very deep rich black with a slight red tinge to it, descent head holds up well.
  • Heavily roasted aromas come off right away with the chocolate working it’s way in there a little.  No sign of cranberry on the nose.
  • Wow great flavour on this one!  Very smooth, with a light sweetness from the chocolate and malt.  Balancing the sour/tart of the cranberry well.  Very pleasant roasted notes as well for an excellent overall balance
  • None of the flavours asserting themselves too much making it extremely well an balanced beer.
  • Finishes clean with an enjoyable lingering roasted flavour.
  • Definitely worth checking, unanimous favourite of everyone who tried it, also very reasonably priced at $10 per 750ml bottle at Co-op, perfect for sharing!


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Mill Street Brewery, Toronto, Ontario

  • 10%ABV
  • Deep reddish brown colour.
  • Head isn’t very consistent.
  • Smells like a wonderful fall apple cider, well spiced and molasses.  Also reminiscent of caramel apples.
  • This beer is surprisingly tart, with a strong malt sweetness to balance out the high alcohol content.  Flavours of  brown sugar, molasses and the apple comes through making this a distinct barley wine.
  • If you’re into stronger, fruitier, tart beers, this may very well be the one for you.  Look for it at Co-Op liquor stores.