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Cannery Brewing Co., Penticton, British Columbia

  • 5.5% ABV, brewed with natural maple syrup
  • Pours a black brew with a tan coloured head that dissipates quickly
  • As soon as the cap comes off, the maple aroma almost knocks your pants off!
  • We equated the aroma of this beer to Quakers Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal, or maple syrup on buckwheat pancakes with a cup of joe.
  • It starts off sweet, but mellows out to a dark roasted coffee, bitter finish.
  • We tried this beer with some crispy bacon strips. We even added it to the beer like a garnish. The bacon fat added another creamy dimension to the beer and the salt opens up the taste buds to make this beer even more enjoyable.
  • The mouth feel is very creamy and syrupy. It coats the mouth and tongue and sticks.
  • I think this beer has great culinary potential. From pancakes, to bbq salmon, or baked into a coffee cake are a few suggestions that might be good to try.
  • This maple stout, and other Cannery Brewing products are available at Willow Park in Calgary.