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Castle Brewery, Eggenberg, Austria

  • 14% ABV  Biere Forte/Malt Liquor
  • Entirely non-existent head, light carbonation.
  • Deep brown, mahogany with a slight ruby red tinge.
  • Aroma of sweet figs and dried fruit, doesn’t smell even slightly alcoholic.
  • Taste is very nice, sweet, malty and doesn’t taste especially strong with alcohol.  Exceptional fruit sweetness, especially apple.
  • Doesn’t come across as a beer, more reminiscent of a schnapps or fermented fruit beverage.
  • Excellent winter time offering from Eggenberg that would definitely round off any great meal, pick it up from Willow Park Wine and Spirits, while supplies last, also available in Magnums and Double-Magnums.


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Schloss Eggenberg Brewery,  Austria 

  • 9.6%ABV
  • Head is very lacklustre, nothing going on there.
  • Nice amber coloured beer, appealing.
  • Little comes through on the nose other than an almost overwhelming smell of alcohol.
  • Very alcoholic, for such a strong beer it’s not really a surprise.  But nothing to balance it, mellow it out.  Faint sweetness and equally as faint bitter finish makes this a not well rounded beer.  A little too over bearing for our tastes.
  • Considering the high alcohol content of this beer it’s crazy to hear they have another that’s even stronger!  Schloss Eggenberg’s Samiclaus(Santa Claus) their Christmas Lager is 14% ABV, the most alcoholic Christmas lager beer in the world!