We decided here at the CalgaryBeerDrinkers, that it would be an interesting addition to the blog if we documented our own exploits of making beer. After much deliberation on the wheres and hows, and commandeering most of the equipment from friends who in the past had experimented themselves with home brewing, we were off on what was hopefully to be a delicious adventure.

We decided on an Old Style Ale, having started the brewing process mid september we wanted something a little heartier for the colder months when the beer will be ready to consume. The first step was to get all our ingredients from one of Calgary’s fine home brew supply stores.

From left to right: 5.9% Golding Hops , Light Malt Extract, SuperMoss(some kind of Irish Moss supplement used for clarifying beer), more Malt Extract, Wyeast yeast nutrient, Molasses for colour and food for the yeast and finally, dry Ale yeast.

The next and very crucial step is to sanitize all the brewing equipment. I laid out everything and thoroughly sanitized every piece of equipment inside the large mixing bucket that comes with most brew kits, there are quite a few pieces that need to be sanitized so the large bucket works great. Most home brew stores carry chemical sanitizers specific to brewing.

Shown here is pretty much all the equipment one needs for brewing, with the exception of a boiling pot, and a straining funnel which would’ve been handy. The scale is for measuring out the ingredients, there’s also a strainer, mixing spoon, thermometer and hydrometer(used to measure the density of liquids) primary fermentation carboy, airlock and stopper and a siphoning house and auto-siphon, very handy if you don’t want to start the siphoning with your mouth.

Got all the ingredients together, and all the gear is washed and sanitized super well, it’s time to start cooking, and getting some beer made. Check back soon for the next step in our beer brewing adventures.


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  1. Beer tastes good

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