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Fernie Brewing Co., Fernie, B.C.

  • 5% ABV
  • Wimpy head, that disperses quickly.
  • Cloudy unfiltered wheat beer, orange colour with a slight purple ting.
  • Wet wood aroma, with a very subtle berry note.
  • Yeasty, banana flavours, not much berry. Slightly metallic.
  • Sweet smooth finish, perhaps attributed to the addition of berries.
  • Available at Co-op Liquor Stores.


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Bruton Brewery, Italy

  • 5% ABV
  • Brewed with coriander, orange peel, spelt, wheat, barley, and hops.
  • Good soap suds-like head, that dissipates quickly, to a light froth around the edge of the glass.
  • Very hazy, cloudy pale straw coloured ale, with tonnes of flaky sediment.
  • Strong yeasty aroma with the addition of orange, lemon and stone fruit tones.
  • Very light and effervescent mouthfeel, with some orange and coriander flavour
  • Refreshing and cleansing feeling, with a sour-acid zing
  • In summary, this beer is delicious. Get some, drink some. Way to go Italy!




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Brewsters Brewing Company,  Calgary, Alberta

  • 5%ABV
  • Full frothy head from the pour but disappears quickly.
  • Rich gold colour.
  • Artificial blueberry sweet smell with undertones of bitterness and soap-like aromas.  After letting sit for some time loses its aroma completely.
  • The taste is lacklustre, too light, almost not like a beer at all.  Artificial blueberry flavour mostly predominant but that’s about it.
  • Not at the top of the list for flavoured beers, but we definitely see why people like it, light and refreshing.


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Micro-Brasserie Charlevoix, Baie St. Paul, Quebec

  • 5% ABV, 7 IBU’s
  • Belgian style Witbier brewed with spices.
  • Pours to a tall head with small bubbles over a slightly cloudy, golden straw coloured ale.
  • There is quite a bit of sediment left over in the bottom of the bottle.
  • This is an uber carbonated beer, almost like a champagne, in which the bubbles seem to dance down the tongue.
  • The aroma is almost soapy at first but as it warms up there are definitely sour grapefruit and yeast notes
  • Flavour is also citrusy and a bit sour, with a fresh, crisp, spring water like feeling.
  • The finish is fast and sweet, would make for an excellent pallet cleanser.
  • Great beer, probably my favorite Belgian style beer out of Quebec.


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This review is the first in the series Beers They Drank, where we will have guest reviewers from other great cities across the country, tell us about what beers they have been drinking. If anyone is interested in sending us a review, please do!

This one comes to us from Jacob in Vancouver. Jacob, like us usual bunch who write here, is also a chef. He grew up on the west coast so, perhaps he can bring his far-out, hippy, earth muffin point of views to beer tasting.

Deschutes Brewery, Bend, Oregon in collaboration with Boulevard Brewing Co., Kansas City, Missouri

  • 7.3% ABV, 60 IBU’s
  • White IPA, wheat based brew.
  • Unappologetically unfiltered
  • made with orange peel and coriander, which in not uncommon in a wheat beer, with a generous helping of hop
  • Tons of sediment suspended in the beer, which looks a bit like the junk floating in bottles of the forgettable 90’s beverage “Orbitz”, but actually contributes to the deliciousness.
  • Found this in Seattle and haven’t seen any on our side of the border, yet. If i do, i’ll jump on it in a hurry, as it was one of the best, most interesting beers i’ve had in a long time.


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Brewsters Brewing Co., Calgary, Alberta

  • 5% Alcohol content, 17IBU’s
  • This Ale pours a medium body head over a transparent, golden-yellow straw coloured brew.
  • Very bubbly, continuous champagne like bubbles.
  • The nose has hints of ripe banana and dried apricots
  • This beer is extremely thirst quenching, and has slight lemon and stone fruit flavours.
  • Crisp finish, nicely balanced, yet simple on the palate.


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Dieu de Ciel!, St-Jérôme, P.Q.

  • 5.9% Alcohol content
  • Dark tomato juice colour, Clamato
  • Weak, wispy head
  • Aroma of backyard garden, potpourri, old lady’s perfume
  • Flavour of fruit punch and yeast