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Castle Brewery, Eggenberg, Austria

  • 14% ABV  Biere Forte/Malt Liquor
  • Entirely non-existent head, light carbonation.
  • Deep brown, mahogany with a slight ruby red tinge.
  • Aroma of sweet figs and dried fruit, doesn’t smell even slightly alcoholic.
  • Taste is very nice, sweet, malty and doesn’t taste especially strong with alcohol.  Exceptional fruit sweetness, especially apple.
  • Doesn’t come across as a beer, more reminiscent of a schnapps or fermented fruit beverage.
  • Excellent winter time offering from Eggenberg that would definitely round off any great meal, pick it up from Willow Park Wine and Spirits, while supplies last, also available in Magnums and Double-Magnums.

Bonus Photo: Fridge is Always Stocked For Beer Night!!

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So the Guys Finally Start The Beer Appreciation Society……

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Wooooo!!!! Good thing, we were getting real thirsty. Yeeeeep!

This is how it all came about…..

A bunch of guys who work together and spend way too much time together already, needed an excuse to drink more beer. Actually we don’t so much need an excuse to drink more beer, but to drink higher quality, tasty,  lesser known beers from around Canada and the world. The plan of attack is as follows:

  • Try to get together once a week to taste beer.
  • Each “member” brings a couple of beers for the group to taste.
  • We enjoy the beers, discuss their merits and lack there of.
  • Take notes and create reviews, in which we can refer to at later dates, and for others to use for beer recommendations.
  • Have fun.
  • Become an elitist club in which we are the founding members of.

We also have future plans galore, which include Beer Appreciation Society jackets (red flannels) , Custom beer mugs, achievement badges, etc.

We had our first meeting last night. As it was the first, we didn’t really know what we were doing. We all just brought whatever beer jumped out at us at the liquor shop and took a bunch of random tasting notes. Next time we will work on some sort of theme and structure to our tastings.

Let’s drink some beers!