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Phillips Brewing Co., Victoria, B.C

  • 5.2%ABV
  • Head doesn’t stick around for long, but leaves a light frothy coating over the beer.
  • Very black colour, one of the darkest we have had to date.
  • Strong aroma of roasted, slightly charred oats.
  • Chocolate comes through much more in the taste than aroma, slightly bitter with a sweetness balance.  Roasted oats comes though a bit as well.
  • Can be picked up anywhere fine beers are sold.  Willow Park, zyn, co-op.


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Garrison Brewing, Halifax, Nova Scotia

*Canadian Gold 2009 Brewing Awards

  • 9%ABV
  • Mahogany coloured beer with a thick, khaki coloured head.
  • Very dark black beer with only the slightest brown hues when held to the light.
  • Very malty aroma, with some chocolate and mint aromas coming through, rich molasses as well.
  • This beer is flavoured with dates, and they definitely come through on the taste.  This beer is very sweet, almost to a fault.  Very thick coating all of the mouths available real estate.
  • Flavours linger, especially the sweetness, a coffee like bitterness and a burnt sweetness similar to toffee.
  • Interesting beer, would make a nice after meal beer.
  • Co-op Liquor is a great place to check if you’re looking for this one, they have an extensive selection of east coast brews.


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Rogue Ales, Newport, Oregon

  • 8.2% ABV, 78 IBU’s
  • Pours totally black with an auburn coloured full and frothy head, that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…..unless you eat it with a spoon!
  • It has a perfume aroma mixed with roasted nut and coffee touches.
  • In the mouth it feels creamy and rich, with flavours of grassy hops and bitter chocolate.
  • There is a bitter finish, that doesn’t over stay its welcome.