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Microbrasseurs Les Trois Mousquetaires,  Brossard, Quesbec 

  • 5.5%ABV  Non-Filtered Pilsner
  • Very orange, slightly opaque beer with a thick bubbly head that holds up very well.
  • Yeasty aroma dominates the nose but as it is allowed to warm a pleasant sweetness comes through.
  • The taste carries the sweetness very little, strong taste of oats and yeast come through the most.
  • An interesting beer from Trois Mousequetaires not our favourite so far, but definitely worth looking into, it can be picked up from most fine beer and liquor merchants.


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Huyghe Brewery, Melle, Belgium

  • 5% ABV
  • Gluten free, organic, fair trade beer. First fair trade beer in the world. Mongozo uses ingredients which have been purchased from farmers in developing countries at a fair price. This ensures that the farmers and their families are able to take control of their businesses and work towards a better future. That’s all good and all, but how does it taste?
  • Ingredients: water,malt, rice, yeast, hops.
  • Pours to a transparent, yellow urine/apple juice colour with a medium level of carbonation and a week skinny head.
  • It smells of dry, uncooked, dusty rice, with a slight tinny note.
  • The flavour is also powdery tasting, uncooked rice. It also has a powdery, dry mouthfeel.
  • It’s not terrible. Not something I would drink. But a reasonable substitute for people on a gluten-free diet.


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A. Le Coq Brewery  Tartu, Estonia

  • 5%ABV
  • Very light colour, bright yellow, with a full frothy head.
  • Very skunky aroma bordering on the awful.  Similar to industrial solvents and cleaners with a hint of apple juice.
  • The taste is awful, reminiscent of “heroin beer” served at sporting events.  Metallic canned taste with rotten cabbage.


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Weltenburger Kloster Abbey Brewery, Germany

  • 4.9% ABV
  • Pours a solid very thick, shaving cream like head, which holds up for the entire duration of drinking this beer.
  • Cloudy, hazy straw coloured, which almost seems to glow.
  • Aroma is yeasty with strong lemon notes
  • The flavour is a bit sour with a chemically, grassy flavour, which is drying to the mouth.
  • Although the flavour is quite light, it lingers on the tongue for quite some time.