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Ommegang Brewery, Cooperstown, New York

  • 9.8%ABV
  • This specialty beer is a blend of Belgian style ale and Kriek Lambic.
  • Head is very distinct, holds up pretty well.
  • Deep, dark cherry colour almost a mahogany brown with lots of suspended sediment, might be perfect for aging.
  • Smells slightly of banana, not necessarily a bad thing, but similar to banana flavour penicillin you have as a kid.
  • Doesn’t taste alcoholic in the slightest, cherry comes through quite a bit, actually a very nice sweet cherry taste.
  • The alcohol content does provide an astringent quality to the finish, dries and clears the palate.
  • Nice robust and sweet beer that would make an excellent dessert or after dinner beverage, pick it up at Zyn in Inglewood.
Look at all that sediment!! Like fresh squeezed O.J.!



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Brasserie Cantillon,  Brussels, Belgium

  • 5%ABV
  • This raspberry flavoured lambic produces a very deep red coloured, slightly carbonated beer, that is quite opaque like most lambics.
  • Unlike other flavoured natural lambics we have tried so far, the raspberry really comes through on the nose, as well as a slight yeasty, soap-like aroma.
  • This beer is really quite refreshing, excellent balance of sweet and tart and not too bitter, much fruitier than both the Gueuze and Kriek from the same brewery.
  • As the beer comes to temperature and breathes the sweetness mellows and the sour flavours and bitterness become more prevalent, compared it to sucking on Vicks raspberry flavoured cough drops.
  • This beer we felt improved with a colder temperature, and having been left for a little while was very pleasant, and refreshing.


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Brasserie Cantillon  Brussels, Belgium

  • 5% ABV
  • “Kriek” connotes sour cherries as a flavouring ingredient.
  • Bottled February 14 2011
  • Bottle opens with a high pressure pop similar to a champagne bottle.
  • This is beer is consistently bubbly, and a beautiful ruby red colour, giving it the appearance of more of a soda than an actual beer.
  • There is no fruit aromas what so ever, instead, smells musty similar to the Cantillion Gueuze.
  • And much like the Gueuze the flavour is very sour, but with a slight sweetness.  A little of the fruit flavour, sour cherries, comes through, but not much at all.  Again, a soda like bubbling is felt strongly on the tongue.
  • This is a very refreshing, slightly tart beer, that can easily be enjoyed in lieu of champagne if you’re looking for something a little different at your next party.


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Brasserie Cantillon, Brussels, Belgium

  • Very particular beer brewed with aged hops and fermented spontaneously by wild yeast strains inside the brewery.  Gueuze lambics are a blend of new and aged brews, then bottles for a second fermentation, creating a highly carbonated beverage.
  • A yellowish-orange colour that is very opaque from sediment.  Gueuze lambics are great for aging, the sourness will balance out and the sediment will settle.
  • The aroma is quite musty and skunky, with hints of citrus.  Also aromas of wet hay and ammonia.
  • The taste is very different, not like any beer I have had before.  Very sour, lemon and soapy.  Palate adjusts to sourness as tasting continues and yeasty taste becomes more pronounced.
  • Very interesting beer worth trying for something different.  Pick up a couple, and if you have the patience age some to taste as they mature.