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Belize Brewing Co., Ladyville, Belize

  • 4.8% ABV
  • Light head, disapates quickly after pour
  • Pale yellow colour, like apple juice….generic beer.
  • Translucent and bubbley
  • Has a slight vanilla aroma
  • Flavour is bland, metalic, corn.
  • Belize’s version of every counries corn piss light lager.
  • Very cool bottle!
  • Only available in Belize. Thank god this beer is not exported. Probably tastes really good on the beach in Belize!


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Boston Beer Company, Boston, Mass.

  • 5.5% ABV
  • Bubbly, foamy head that breaks up into islands of foam with some lacing on the edges of the glass.
  • Translucent dark copper colour
  • Slight burnt caramel aroma
  • Creamy mouthfeel, but does not coat the mouth
  • Balanced bitterness, with slight molasses richness that lingers in the mouth
  • Not an amazing beer, was expecting more from this beer. Overall it was rather boring.


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Cheerday Brewery  Zhejang, China

  • 4.8%ABV
  • The overall appearance of this beer was not very pleasing, slight head that leaves patches of frothy foam.  The beer is a bright yellow colour. As gross as it sounds this beer looks like urine from someone with a bout of dehydration.
  • Very skunky smell coming off this beer, smells metallic, tinny, almost as if it were a canned beer.
  • The taste however is a little unexpected, almost nothing there at all.  Very mellow, slight sweetness, but that’s about it.
  • In our opinion this beer isn’t worth trying again, seems to be marketed more as a novelty item.


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Rogue Brewery,  Portland, Oregon

  • 5.6%ABV
  • Almost no head to speak of.
  • Deep opaque terra cotta coloured, sign of some sediment floating around in there.
  • Nutty aromas, almond and peanut butter, very light hint of hops on the nose.
  • Gooseberries on the palate, some vegetable flavours and a little of the nuttiness comes through from the aroma.
  • Very light body, and very little carbonation, this beer has little staying power on the palate.


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Ayinger Brewery, Aying, Germany

  • Very strong and frothy head that holds up pretty well.
  • Clear orange beer similar to the colour of Halloween pumpkins, which suits the style of beer.
  • Very yeasty aroma that dominates all other smells.
  • This beer is fresh, crisp, and light bodied.  Gooseberry notes as well on the palate.  Again very little carbonation for this Oktoberfest.
  • Another near plain beer that unfortunately has been a common for this falls Oktoberfest and seasonal beers.
  • This beer is not brewer in Munich and therefore would not be permitted to be labeled Oktoberfest in the Country.


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Okanagan Springs Brewery,  Vernon, British Columbia

  • 5%ABV
  • Weak pitiful head, doesn’t hold up at all.
  • Color of burnt caramel, a deep dark black drown.
  • Aroma is also of burnt caramel, with the scent of roasted grains and malt coming through quite well.  Also primal scent of roasted meats can be hinted, and enjoyed.
  • Taste is nice, slightly bitter with a distinct sweetness, light coffee aftertaste but overall has a very brisk cleansing mouthfeel, doesn’t linger.
  • Okanagan Springs Brewery has its roots as a microbrewey, but the company was aquired by Sleemans in 1996, and then later by Japanese Mega Brewery Sapporo in 2006. It seems as though the people in charge here are trying to re-brand Okanagan Springs as a microbrew, by simply changing their bottle design. Don’t be fooled. Although these beers are not bad at all, and more complex than the Canadian big boys, its no microbrewery.


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Paddock Wood Brewing, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • 5.4% ABV
  • This is a German style Schwarzbier, or black lager.
  • Pour pure black, with virtually no head, just a bit of froth around the edge of the glass.
  • Has a nice light roasted coffee aroma on the forefront with notes of roasted nuts and molasses.
  • There is a nice smokey bitterness to the flavour of this lager as well as a slight note of espresso.
  • Near the end of the taste there is a slight bitterness that dies on the tongue to open up for a surprisingly crisp, dry finish.
  • Look forwards to trying what else this small and relatively young brewery has to offer.