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Muskoka Brewery,  Bracebridge, Ontario

  • 8%ABV
  • Very deep rich black with a slight red tinge to it, descent head holds up well.
  • Heavily roasted aromas come off right away with the chocolate working it’s way in there a little.  No sign of cranberry on the nose.
  • Wow great flavour on this one!  Very smooth, with a light sweetness from the chocolate and malt.  Balancing the sour/tart of the cranberry well.  Very pleasant roasted notes as well for an excellent overall balance
  • None of the flavours asserting themselves too much making it extremely well an balanced beer.
  • Finishes clean with an enjoyable lingering roasted flavour.
  • Definitely worth checking, unanimous favourite of everyone who tried it, also very reasonably priced at $10 per 750ml bottle at Co-op, perfect for sharing!


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Brewed at De Proef Brouwerij Lochristi, Belgium  For Mikkeller
  • Both beers are 6.6%ABV
  • On the left is the barrel aged Porter, aged for three months in Speyside whiskey barrels.  Pours almost no head, the regular porter(right) pours a great head that lasts for a while.
  • The aroma was interesting, both producing quite different scents.  The regular porter smelling very much like chipotle peppers with the spice and smokiness but also having an unpleasant chemical, solvent characteristics.  The barrel aged on the other-hand was quite nice, very faint smell of the peppers but more fruity aromas coming through, sweet citrus and dark cherries.
  • The regular porter was hard to get down, very spicy with an almost unpalatable cigarette-like smoke flavour, dry and unpleasant aftertaste leading one of us to deem it “Heartburn ale”
  • The barrel aged was quite different, aging had mellowed out the beer considerably, a much more pleasant smokiness comes though, and not just from the chipotle.  More depth to this beer with a balancing subtle malty sweetness.
  • Amazing to see the huge difference only three months of aging can bring to a beer!  Check these out and  other Mikkeller brews at Zyn in Inglewood.


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Phillips Brewing Co., Victoria, B.C.

  • 5.2% ABV
  • Brewed with real hazelnuts and hazelnut flavour.
  • Floating islands of foam
  • Dark mahogany, not quite black coloured
  • Chared, burnt aroma
  • Flavours are of sweet chocolate and bitter coffee, with a strong hazelnut flavour.
  • Crisp and smooth, light mouthfeel, not overly bitter. Good Balance.
  • A burnt flavour lingers on the tongue.
  • Available at Zyn and Willow Park


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Rogue Ales,  Newport, Oregon

  • 7%ABV, 30IBU’s
  • Whispy islands of head, cloudy, the colour of dusty wild roses on the side of a dirt road on the way to a pig farm way back in the sticks.
  • When you stick your nose in the glass you get a strong sweet smoke aroma. When enjoyed from a distance it really smells of maple syrup and bacon. Its breakfast.
  • The smoke is different than you would get from a scotch, it more of a mesquite smoke.
  • Flavour is malty with the added touch of slightly burnt bacon.
  • This is actually quite a tasty beer, not just an extreme novelty beer.
  • Best chances to find this beer is to check out Zyn.


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Phillips Brewing Co., Victoria, B.C

  • 5.2%ABV
  • Head doesn’t stick around for long, but leaves a light frothy coating over the beer.
  • Very black colour, one of the darkest we have had to date.
  • Strong aroma of roasted, slightly charred oats.
  • Chocolate comes through much more in the taste than aroma, slightly bitter with a sweetness balance.  Roasted oats comes though a bit as well.
  • Can be picked up anywhere fine beers are sold.  Willow Park, zyn, co-op.


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Cannery Brewing Co., Penticton, British Columbia

  • 5.5% ABV, brewed with natural maple syrup
  • Pours a black brew with a tan coloured head that dissipates quickly
  • As soon as the cap comes off, the maple aroma almost knocks your pants off!
  • We equated the aroma of this beer to Quakers Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal, or maple syrup on buckwheat pancakes with a cup of joe.
  • It starts off sweet, but mellows out to a dark roasted coffee, bitter finish.
  • We tried this beer with some crispy bacon strips. We even added it to the beer like a garnish. The bacon fat added another creamy dimension to the beer and the salt opens up the taste buds to make this beer even more enjoyable.
  • The mouth feel is very creamy and syrupy. It coats the mouth and tongue and sticks.
  • I think this beer has great culinary potential. From pancakes, to bbq salmon, or baked into a coffee cake are a few suggestions that might be good to try.
  • This maple stout, and other Cannery Brewing products are available at Willow Park in Calgary.


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Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery, Tadcaster, England

  • 5.1%ABV
  • This beer is completely hand made at the All Saints brewery in Stamford, England,  using ancient, manually operated equipment.
  • Absolutely no head to speak of .
  • Bright orange clear liquid with very consistent bubbles.
  • Overwhelming strawberry aroma permeates from this beer, could smell it across the room still in bottle!  We likened it to Smuckers jam, or strawberry Lip Smackers.
  • The taste is quite strong as well, tasting more like a cooler than a beer.
  •  The constant bubbles gave it the feel as such, something of a dessert drink.
  • Can be picked up at most liquor stores with a decent beer selection, Samuel Smiths is quite popular.