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Mill Street Brewery, Toronto, Ontario

  • 10%ABV
  • Deep reddish brown colour.
  • Head isn’t very consistent.
  • Smells like a wonderful fall apple cider, well spiced and molasses.  Also reminiscent of caramel apples.
  • This beer is surprisingly tart, with a strong malt sweetness to balance out the high alcohol content.  Flavours of  brown sugar, molasses and the apple comes through making this a distinct barley wine.
  • If you’re into stronger, fruitier, tart beers, this may very well be the one for you.  Look for it at Co-Op liquor stores.


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Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel, St-Jérôme, PQ

  • 9.8% ABV
  • This is a winter-style Barley Wine….high alcohol content, keeps you warm!
  • Deep brown colour with some rich amber streaks through out.
  • Pours out a very heavy, bubbly head..
  • There is defiantly a good amount of sediments floating around in this beer.
  • The aroma is smokey, burnt caramel. There is also a strong alcohol smell about this barley wine.
  • At first this tastes sweet and similar to a malt liquor, but finishes with that burnt sugar bitterness.
  • There is also a syrupy thick mouthfeel.