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Wild Rose Brewery, Calgary, Alberta

  • This ale was brewed as a celebration to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mount Royal University, a close neighbour of the Wild Rose Brewery. Also this is our 100th beer we have reviewed since the start of our Calgary Beer Drinkers project. 100 different beers since August. Cheers to us! Cheers to MRU! Cheers to Wild Rose! Cheers to good quality craft beer!
  • 5% ABV
  • Light to almost a negligible head, small islands of foam.
  • Reddish brown, opaque beer
  • The aroma is sweet and malty, typical of an english ale.
  • There is a nice hoppy flavour. Not sure exactly what style Wild Rose was brewing here, but I would probably call this a pale ale. (I have been wrong before 😦 Anyone please correct me if I am)
  • Very well balanced and refreshing beer.
  • Love the 1 L sized bottle, perfect for sharing with a couple of friends.
  • This was a limited release beer, so it may not be available any longer. If you see it, pick a bottle up, definitely worth a try.


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BrewDog Brewery, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

“This trashy blonde is going to get you into a lot of trouble.”

  • 4.1% ABV
  • Unfiltered with some chunky sediment
  • Golden yellow hue with tonnes of bubbles
  • Pours a foamy, soap suds type head
  • Floral and light citrus hop aroma
  • Slight grapefruit flavour on the palate
  •  Almost reminds us of Fresca, with the grapefruit flavour, combined with the high level of carbonation.
  • This is would be a very refreshing summer time beer. Very crisp and very clean feeling.
  • Great for sitting on a patio on 17th ave and watching for trashy blondes!


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Alley Kat Brewing Co., Edmonton, Alberta

  • Alley Kat recently released a fresh hopped version of their sessional Full Moon Pale Ale. Here we decided to do a side by side comparison of the two brews, to see what differences lie in the use of dried or wet hops.
  • Both beers are 5% ABV
  • Both beers are pretty much the same hue, although the fresh hop seems to be slightly darker, but that could also just be due to the different shaped glass that was used.
  • Nice, fluffy finger of head on each of the beers
  • The fresh hop has a nutty and pine tree aroma, while the hops are coming through first in the dry hop, its more soapy and floral in its aroma.
  • Both beers have a similar bitterness level ( not sure of their respective IBU’s). The fresh hops bitterness seems to mellow out and lay down at the end of the taste, while the dry hop is more sharp and has a slight drying affect on the mouth.
  • Both are really tasty and refreshing pale ales, with very similar flavour profiles, the main characteristic that makes these beers unique is that the fresh hop has a much more mellow and smoothness through the finish.


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Fish Brewing Company,  Olympia, Washington

  • 5.5%ABV
  • Wimpy head, almost non-existant.
  • Very wonderful gold colour, pleasant and appealing.
  • Aroma is hoppy, but not too overwhelming accented with diverse floral scents.  Prompted one of the tasters to quip “Giddy up, I’d Hop on that!”  Mind you, this one was tasted later in the night, after quite a few others.
  • As the scent suggested this brew isn’t especially bitter despite the style, actually it’s quite mellow and refreshing and very smooth, would make a wonderful warm afternoon beer.
  • Worth picking up again, looking forward to trying more brews for this Washington capital brewery.