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Howe Sound Brewing Co.,  Squamish, British Columbia 

  • 8%ABV ,90 IBU
  • Pretty decent frothy head off the pour that sticks around for a while
  • Nice dark amber colour that’s slightly opaque.
  • Slightly unappetizing floral, potpourri aroma, almost unnatural or synthetic, but nothing too bad.
  •  Very creamy mouthfeel, coats the whole palate with an enjoyable sweetness that’s slightly bitter giving it an overall great balance.
  • The flavour of wonderfully ripe cherries also comes through.
  • Great outing from Howe Sound, pick it up most anywhere.


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Driftwood Brewing Co., Victoria, B.C.

  • 7% ABV, 80 IBU’s
  • Not much head, just a slight gathering of foam around the rim forming to take a glance at this golden coloured hop nectar.
  • The aroma is big time west coast IPA…If a pine tree could grow apples and oranges.
  • There is also a slight caramel and elderflower aroma happening.
  • Very pleasant bitterness, with notes of citrus, pine sap, and a slight soap flavour.
  • This beer gives me the warm fuzzies, it’s so good.
  • This IPA is well decorated with awards from Canada, and the USA, for a good reason, Its amazing.
  • Driftwood is a small brewery on Vancouver Island, it doesn’t have the means of producing more than is enough to service the Island and the Vancouver area. Great for them to keep it local, too bad for the rest of us. If you’re in the Vancouver or Victoria area, pick one up, pick a dozen up, its well worth it.



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Philips Brewing Company,  Victoria, British Columbia

  • 6.5%ABV
  • Wonderful golden straw colour with a light head.
  • Very floral aroma, with a hint of honey sweetness.
  • Pleasant sweetness opens on the palate balanced well with a subtle bitterness, slightly citrus with honeywax.
  • A nice, well balanced IPA from Philips, very enjoyable for those IPA fans out there, pick it up from any fine liquor and beer merchant.


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Half Pints Brewing Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba 

  • 8.0%ABV  100IBU!
  • This beer out of Winnipeg has the highest bitter rating we’ve come across.  Bitterness is measured in International Bittering Units(IBU)
  • Head is very hearty, especially if poured incorrectly, so be careful or you’ll be digging some out.
  • Deep amber, orange colour.
  • Very nice on the nose, hints of orange and other citrus, pleasant hoppiness.
  • Wonderful creaminess on the palate, completely coats creating a wonderful mouthfeel.
  •  Hint of citrus and chocolate sweetness, finishing with a bitter greens taste, frizee or dandelion.
  • This beer was wonderfully balanced, especially concerning the high level of bitterness.
  • Half Pints are available at Zyn and Coop Liquor Stores.


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Phillips Brewing Co., Victoria, British Columbia

  • 6.5%ABV
  • Translucent golden straw coloured, unfiltered
  • Foamy head, good lacing, lots of bubbles happening….which aid in this beers crispness.
  • The aromas is of freshly washed, grass stained jeans…..grassy, floral, and slightly soapy smelling. Aggressively hopped as is the trend in Pacific Northwest IPA’s.
  • Mouth puckering bitter…….no forgeting that this is definitely an IPA. Nice grapefruit flavour. Very clean and crisp tasting, boarding on astringent.
  • Slight malty sweetness at the end….bitter hops keep the tongue awake for quite some time.
  • This beer makes me want to make Hopsicles…..yummy frozen hoppy goodness!!!


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Samuel Smith Old Brewery,  Tadcaster, England 

  • 5%ABV, 45 IBU’s
  • Head almost non-existant.
  • Cooper coloured with a slightly sweet aroma.
  • This beer states that it is fermented or stored in stone yorkshire squares, not entirely sure of the benefits proposed by this, but no earthy flavours can be detected, slight hint of sweet apple can be detected.  Beer is mellow, not very bitter, and doesn’t hold up in the mouth very long, no staying power.


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Collaboration: Eugene City Brewery, Eugene, Oregon  &  Rogue Ales,  Portland, Oregon

  • ???%ABV, 90 IBU’s
  • Large bubbly head reminded us of a comforting bubble bath.
  • Deep opaque orange with a fair amount of sediment visible.
  • A surprising sourness on the nose, and quite sweet, similar to molasses.
  • Fairly hoppy beer providing a surge of bitterness on the palate that levels out a little yielding to a citrusy aftertaste.