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Lagunitas Brewing Co., Petaluma, California

  • 6.75% ABV
  • Transparent dark copper colour, with intense bubbles, but very skinny head
  • Rich chocolaty malt aroma, with a touch of molasses
  • Very well-balanced and easy to drink. Even though it is a slightly darker beer it is very ‘gulpable’
  • This is not a super flavourful beer, there are notes of honey.
  • although it is easy to drink and very smooth, it is not necessarily uber refreshing.
  • The finish is sudden, it does not last on the palate.
  • Overall this beer is easy to drink, and a bit more interesting than your everyday big name amber ale.


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    Half Pints Brewing, Winnipeg, Manitoba

    • 5.4%ABV, 20 IBU’s
    • Pours a transparent orange-amber colour, with a frothy head, which dissipates into ‘islands’.
    • The aroma is quite floral-hoppy with an orange, caramel, terriyaki thing happening……maybe this would lead to a good pairing?
    • The hop aroma translates to the flavour as well, but they are almost cleansing in effect…The hops stick around just long enough to say hello and then take off.
    • There is a good caramel malt that makes this beer superbly balanced, and extremely refreshing.
    • It great to see another, well crafted prairie beer. Would defiantly drink this beer again… thing to come out of Winnipeg since NHL Hockey!


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    Cannery Brewing Co.  Penticton, British Columbia

    • 5.5% ABV
    • Very prominent frothy head, holds up very well, thick and creamy.
    • Beautiful amber colour.
    • Smells of  fresh baked rye bread, very appetizing.
    • Flavour was mild with a hint of the rye coming through, balance of bitterness and malty sweetness but with an unpleasant vegetable taste one of us likened to grilled lettuce.