Phillips Brewing Co., Victoria, B.C.

  • 5% ABV
  • Contains: Licorice, wintergreen, anise seeds, spearmint, ginger, nutmeg, sarsaparilla
  • Thick, Bubbly, root beer like head…should have poured it into a frosty A&W mug!
  • Cloudy, muddy water, brown colour
  • Strong black licorice aroma, spicy note, and a cleansing mint smell.
  • Flavour is nothing like contemporary root beer, maybe more reminiscent of original recipes?
  • Tasted like watered down mouthwash with a hint of licorice. Doesn’t taste much like beer either, although it is refreshing.
  • I think this is an interesting idea for a beer, but in this case it’s a miss for Phillips.
  • This was a sessional offering from Phillips, so finding it may be next to impossible.

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