Birrificio del Ducato,  Busetto, Italy

  • Krampus is a mythical alpine creature who travels with St. Nicholas on Christmas and punishes the naughty children by sticking them in his sack and bringing them back to his cave to devour them.
  • 9%ABV
  • Pours a pretty decent head, that concedes to a small consistent layer that holds up well.
  • Colour is opaque reddish orange.
  • The smell we got from the beer was a little odd, slight cheese aroma mixed with a tomato and legume aroma.
  • Taste wasn’t what we were expecting, a sweet and sour mix that wasn’t really to our liking, similar to some Lambics..
  • An interesting beer, worth trying if you’re looking for something new and different this winter season, you can pick it up at Willow Park.

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