Ommegang Brewery, Cooperstown, New York

  • 9.8%ABV
  • This specialty beer is a blend of Belgian style ale and Kriek Lambic.
  • Head is very distinct, holds up pretty well.
  • Deep, dark cherry colour almost a mahogany brown with lots of suspended sediment, might be perfect for aging.
  • Smells slightly of banana, not necessarily a bad thing, but similar to banana flavour penicillin you have as a kid.
  • Doesn’t taste alcoholic in the slightest, cherry comes through quite a bit, actually a very nice sweet cherry taste.
  • The alcohol content does provide an astringent quality to the finish, dries and clears the palate.
  • Nice robust and sweet beer that would make an excellent dessert or after dinner beverage, pick it up at Zyn in Inglewood.
Look at all that sediment!! Like fresh squeezed O.J.!


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