Huyghe Brewery, Melle, Belgium

  • 5% ABV
  • Gluten free, organic, fair trade beer. First fair trade beer in the world. Mongozo uses ingredients which have been purchased from farmers in developing countries at a fair price. This ensures that the farmers and their families are able to take control of their businesses and work towards a better future. That’s all good and all, but how does it taste?
  • Ingredients: water,malt, rice, yeast, hops.
  • Pours to a transparent, yellow urine/apple juice colour with a medium level of carbonation and a week skinny head.
  • It smells of dry, uncooked, dusty rice, with a slight tinny note.
  • The flavour is also powdery tasting, uncooked rice. It also has a powdery, dry mouthfeel.
  • It’s not terrible. Not something I would drink. But a reasonable substitute for people on a gluten-free diet.

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