Rogue Brewing Company, Portland, Oregon

  • This beer is brewed with fresh pumpkins, grown on Rogue’s own farm, 77 miles from the brewery! This is the brewery’s first go at a pumpkin ale. Rogue also grows their own hops and other delicious beer making ingredients at this location in Independence, Oregon.
  • Also flavoured with ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and vanilla bean.
  • 5.6% ABV, 25 IBU’s
  • This beer is a totally opaque, mahogany colour in the glass. Very rich and visually appealing ale.
  • The head is a whisky, cloud-like foam, with a light brown hue. It doesn’t stick around for very long, and dissipates suddenly.
  • Smells Amazing! The aroma is truly pumpkin pie….every aspect of it….Custard, spice, pumpkin, whipped cream, crust, vanilla. The complete package.
  • The flavour is surprisingly light and refreshing, but with each sip you smell that rich aroma as the glass approaches the nose.
  • Spice comes out strong in the taste, but it’s difficult to pick out any individual spice.
  • There is also a strong brown sugar, molasses after taste, with a creamy full mouthfeel.
  • This is another great pumpkin ale. Although they tend to make shocking and creative beers, Rogue Brewing rarely disappoints.




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