Brasserie D’Achouffe, Belgium

  • 8%ABV
  • The slightly brownish head on this beer doesn’t stick around too long, but it does leave a strong ring around the glass, a halo.
  • Dark ruby red almost brown mahogany coloured, slightly transparent but hard to tell.
  • Aroma is very pleasant, chocolate with a hint of mint.  It dies down though, was expecting something stronger and more robust from this darker beer.  Very mellow but pleasing on the nose, similar to a light red wine.
  • The taste is also very mellow, very well balanced in the mouth, texturally and taste.  Sweet at the start with a lightly spiced bitterness that peaks and levels out.
  • This beer was a very nice surprise, can be enjoyed any time, especially as a dinner beer or after dinner.  Can be picked up at most liquor  stores with a good beer selection.  CO-OP, Willow Park, Zyn are a few really nice ones.


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