Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, New York

  • This beer is brewed using a rare Japanese hop called Sorachi Ace, known for it’s lemon characteristics it imparts into beers.
  • Thick well developed head that holds up very well, so thick that it coats your entire mouth adding a creamy texture and mouth feel.  This beer is bottle conditioned, meaning it has more yeast and sugar added during bottling to create more carbonation.
  • Deep opaque orange color, lots of visible sediment.  This beer may be a prime candidate for some aging.
  • Fresh lemon definitely comes through on the nose, zest especially.  Also get a bit of a floral aroma.
  • Fresh and crisp taste, refreshing lemon flavour comes through, a touch of spice and a pleasant bitterness from the hops comes through on the endnote and aftertaste.
  • Wonderful tasting experience for the great brewers at Brooklyn, unique definitely worth checking out, can be purchased anywhere Brooklyn is sold.  Willow Park, Zyn, Kensington Wine Market all have great selections.

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