Rogue Brewing Company, Portland, Oregon

  • 6%ABV,  25IBU
  • The Chatoe Rogue is a limited series of Grown Your Own (GYO) certified  beers that contain all regionally grown ingredients certified by the Department of Agriculture.  An interesting movement to completely locally made beers.
  • Frothy head that dissipates quickly over a deep brown, slightly maroon beer.  Opaque and has a slight sign of sediment.
  • The name may be a play on the word “Kriek” meaning cherries.  This beer has a very sour cherry and sweet molasses aroma.
  • Quite sour, similar to a Lambic, and is very malty.  Dark cherry flavour.
  •  This beer has lots of carbonation that plays off the tongue, wonderful mouthfeel.
  • Though this beer is similar to cherry Lambics, this beer feels more developed.  With the additional sweetness it has more balance, not as sour and yeasty.
  • As previously stated this is a limited series run so keep you eyes out for it if you’re interested, Rogue is a huge seller and can be found at just about any liquor store that carries craft beers.

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