Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel, St-Jérôme, PQ

  • 5.5%ABV
  • Brewed with Hemp Seeds……no hippies were harmed in the creation of this beer…at least I hope not.
  • Opaque, auburn coloured beer, with a really full light brown head.
  • Has a “wake you up and pour molasses all over your body and into some orifices” molasses smell
  • Also an earthy and almost dusty aroma exists, not unlike that typical “dirty hippy” aroma.
  • Flavour is also earthy with a warming alcohol finish, with a bit of hoppy bitterness.
  • Mouthfeel is dry and the finish is abrupt and cleansing.
  • No unusual cravings for burritos occured after drinking this beer.




  1. VIbeerrules Says:

    It seems that perhaps the author of the review experienced some of the canniboidal effects of this beer. If you’re thinking of sticking molasses in your orifice…? Is that a good thing?

    I think I’ll be sticking with Guiness.

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