Brasserie D’ Ecaussinnes, Belgium

  • 8%ABV
  • Belgian blonde ale brewed with prunes… will keep you regular??
  • Pours out to a dark amber colour with a slight fog and a good amount of sediment floating about. Image a glass of fresh pressed apple juice from an orchard….that’s exactly what this beer looks like.
  • The head hold up well and is almost beige in colour.
  • The first smell we notice as the cork violently ejects it’s self from the bottle is bubble gum….not at all a common scent we have encountered tasting beers.
  • The bubble gum aroma fads quickly to sour fruit, apple, and that heavy loaf of fruit cake that no one eats at Christmas time. A strong yeast aroma continues to linger. There also seems to be a wet hay and earthy, almost barnyard scent happening.
  • Upon tasting this beer, the dominant flavour is clearly apple. Much to our relief, there is no distinguishable prune flavour. It is sour, but not quite lip puckering. There is also a sweetness that nicely balances out the flavour profile.
  • The flavour reminds us of a more malty and slightly heavier version of a Lambic.

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