Unibroue, Chambly, Quebec 

  • 8% ABV, 22 IBU’s
  • This a strong beer on “Lees” meaning it is both of a more formidable alcohol percentage and that remaining dead and residual yeast  from the fermentation stage is bottled.
  • The head is hearty once poured but dissipates rather quickly
  • Opaque, which is too be expected from the lees, very deep orange colour.
  • A strange and unexpected aroma came from this beer, it was soapy like commercial handsoap and minty, reminding us vaguely of toothpaste.
  • Very yeasty, more than likely from the lees, also sweet, almost unpleasantly so.  This coupled with the persistent champagne-like bubbles gave it a mouthfeel and taste similar to soda pop.

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