Okanagan Springs Brewery,  Vernon, British Columbia

  • 5%ABV
  • Weak pitiful head, doesn’t hold up at all.
  • Color of burnt caramel, a deep dark black drown.
  • Aroma is also of burnt caramel, with the scent of roasted grains and malt coming through quite well.  Also primal scent of roasted meats can be hinted, and enjoyed.
  • Taste is nice, slightly bitter with a distinct sweetness, light coffee aftertaste but overall has a very brisk cleansing mouthfeel, doesn’t linger.
  • Okanagan Springs Brewery has its roots as a microbrewey, but the company was aquired by Sleemans in 1996, and then later by Japanese Mega Brewery Sapporo in 2006. It seems as though the people in charge here are trying to re-brand Okanagan Springs as a microbrew, by simply changing their bottle design. Don’t be fooled. Although these beers are not bad at all, and more complex than the Canadian big boys, its no microbrewery.

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