Shmaltz Brewing Co.  Saratoga Springs New York City

  • Very precise 6.66%ABV
  • Head is very frothy and holds up rather well, many small persistent bubbles throughout the beer.
  • This is a translucent beer that is very red, “Blood Red” as the label states.  It gives the beer a very unnatural, synthetic look.  Looks near identical to cream soda, or sparkling fruit punch.
  • Slight yeast aroma is all I get on the nose, very faint, almost no smell to speak of.  Especially no aromas that may indicate any sort of flavour or additive to give it the red colour.
  • Again on the palate absolutely no flavour or taste to distinguish where the red comes from strengthening the synthetic dye possibility .  Vague sweetness competes with a dry bitterness making for an unpleasant overall flavour and mouthfeel, that lingers a little too long.
  • This seems to have been brewed more as a novelty than anything, not worth it especially when the brand has a number of other choice beers in their repertoire.

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