Central City Brewing Co.   Surrey, British Columbia

  • 6.5% ABV
  • Light frothy head that holds up well, like a comforting bubble bath.
  • Excellent hoppy aroma that’s wonderfully sweet, with citrus notes and a surprising pine smell that is quite pleasant.
  • We had our reservations concerning this beer being canned, with most commercial canned beers having a  metallic taste.  This beer is the exception, without a hint of canned, tinny flavour to speak of.  Earthy pine sappy flavour very predominant.  With additional notes of herbs and citrus
  •  A real wonderfully refreshing beer that caught us all off guard.

One Response to “RED RACER IPA”

  1. Certainly good beer. I was hesitant to taste it because the name sounded as Speed Racer and I was afraid it was as bad as the movie. The beer brings me memories of a hot summer day drinking at the Gingerman in Houston Texas, watching my next door beer sibarite getting hammered with this beer and I was wondering what was good on it. I gave up my Blue Moon and fell down victim of the new flavor. Highly recomemmended, don’t mind the can except you miss the point of a crafter beer. Sorry, I am old fashion, I believe in glass to glass, pour to pour.

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