Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, Delaware, USA

  • 7% ABV, 28 IBU’s
  • PANGAEA: The hypothesised super-continent that existed before continental drift occurred, which divided the continents into their present day configuration.
  • The folks idea at Dogfish Head was to use ingredients from each of the continents, to bring the world together in a beer.
  • This ale is brewed with crystalized ginger from Australia, water from Antarctica, basmati rice from Asia,¬†Muscavado sugar from Africa, quinoa from South America, yeast from Europe, and maize from North America.
  • As soon as this beer is opened it has a strong, very pleasant chocolate aroma, which is only heightened when poured into the glass ( we choose to drink this beer from a wine glass, as it was recommended by the brewer). We also detected a slight mint aroma, which reminded us a bit of the newer chocolate mint girl guide cookies.
  • A thick creamy head sat upon the super bubbly light translucent copper coloured ale.
  • This is fairly light on the mouth with a slightly creamy finish
  • The flavour matched the aroma with that malty chocolate thing happening, also the ginger came through as a sweet flavour, rather than a spicy ginger flavour
  • This is a mind blowingly delicious beer, well worth the 30$ plus price tag.

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