Brasserie Cantillon  Brussels, Belgium

  • 5% ABV
  • “Kriek” connotes sour cherries as a flavouring ingredient.
  • Bottled February 14 2011
  • Bottle opens with a high pressure pop similar to a champagne bottle.
  • This is beer is consistently bubbly, and a beautiful ruby red colour, giving it the appearance of more of a soda than an actual beer.
  • There is no fruit aromas what so ever, instead, smells musty similar to the Cantillion Gueuze.
  • And much like the Gueuze the flavour is very sour, but with a slight sweetness.  A little of the fruit flavour, sour cherries, comes through, but not much at all.  Again, a soda like bubbling is felt strongly on the tongue.
  • This is a very refreshing, slightly tart beer, that can easily be enjoyed in lieu of champagne if you’re looking for something a little different at your next party.

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