Estrella Damm, Barcelona, Spain

  • 4.8% ABV
  • Before the tasting we were all greatly anticipating this beer.  It is specially designed by renowned Spanish chef Ferran Adria and his expert sommelier team.  It is brewed from malted barley and wheat and flavoured with coriander, citrus and liquorice.
  • Knowing Ferran Adria’s reputation for molecular gastronomy and his revolutionary food stylings we were half expecting a gel or foam to pour from the bottle, or shimmering gold nectar accompanied by highly aromatized mist.  Instead we were surprised to see a very plain looking beer decant into our glasses.  The colour light yellow straw, perfectly translucent.
  • Strong aroma of both wheat and yeast as if the beer were bottled in mid-fermentation.  Small champagne bubbles persist giving it a light mouthfeel.
  • The flavours overall were lacking, the ingredients presented as flavourings were altogether non-present.  Unfortunately  very little character and no staying power.

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