Brasserie Cantillon, Brussels, Belgium

  • Very particular beer brewed with aged hops and fermented spontaneously by wild yeast strains inside the brewery.  Gueuze lambics are a blend of new and aged brews, then bottles for a second fermentation, creating a highly carbonated beverage.
  • A yellowish-orange colour that is very opaque from sediment.  Gueuze lambics are great for aging, the sourness will balance out and the sediment will settle.
  • The aroma is quite musty and skunky, with hints of citrus.  Also aromas of wet hay and ammonia.
  • The taste is very different, not like any beer I have had before.  Very sour, lemon and soapy.  Palate adjusts to sourness as tasting continues and yeasty taste becomes more pronounced.
  • Very interesting beer worth trying for something different.  Pick up a couple, and if you have the patience age some to taste as they mature.

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