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Dead Frog Brewery, Aldergrove, British Columbia 

  • 5%ABV
  • Deep black-brown coloured beer with a very substantial head.
  • Notes of roasted barley and oats comes through right off the pour, with only hints of chocolate.  As this beer is allowed to settle and temper the aromas really begin to develop and the chocolate and the mint become more pronounced.
  • This beer is surprisingly light, but the flavours are very rich and developed, roasted oats comes through immediately followed by the chocolate and finally a wonderful mint aftertaste.  Coffee richness is also likening the beer to a candy cane mocha.
  • We were very surprised how wonderful this beer turned out, not at all synthetic tasting, just a well crafted flavoured beer.
  • I’ve seen this beer sold at Willow Park Wine and Spirits, Zyn, and Co-Op Liquor stores.


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Rogue Brewing Company, Portland, Oregon

  • 6%ABV,  25IBU
  • The Chatoe Rogue is a limited series of Grown Your Own (GYO) certified  beers that contain all regionally grown ingredients certified by the Department of Agriculture.  An interesting movement to completely locally made beers.
  • Frothy head that dissipates quickly over a deep brown, slightly maroon beer.  Opaque and has a slight sign of sediment.
  • The name may be a play on the word “Kriek” meaning cherries.  This beer has a very sour cherry and sweet molasses aroma.
  • Quite sour, similar to a Lambic, and is very malty.  Dark cherry flavour.
  •  This beer has lots of carbonation that plays off the tongue, wonderful mouthfeel.
  • Though this beer is similar to cherry Lambics, this beer feels more developed.  With the additional sweetness it has more balance, not as sour and yeasty.
  • As previously stated this is a limited series run so keep you eyes out for it if you’re interested, Rogue is a huge seller and can be found at just about any liquor store that carries craft beers.


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Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, New York

  • This beer is brewed using a rare Japanese hop called Sorachi Ace, known for it’s lemon characteristics it imparts into beers.
  • Thick well developed head that holds up very well, so thick that it coats your entire mouth adding a creamy texture and mouth feel.  This beer is bottle conditioned, meaning it has more yeast and sugar added during bottling to create more carbonation.
  • Deep opaque orange color, lots of visible sediment.  This beer may be a prime candidate for some aging.
  • Fresh lemon definitely comes through on the nose, zest especially.  Also get a bit of a floral aroma.
  • Fresh and crisp taste, refreshing lemon flavour comes through, a touch of spice and a pleasant bitterness from the hops comes through on the endnote and aftertaste.
  • Wonderful tasting experience for the great brewers at Brooklyn, unique definitely worth checking out, can be purchased anywhere Brooklyn is sold.  Willow Park, Zyn, Kensington Wine Market all have great selections.


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North Coast Brewing Co., Fort Bragg, California

  • 5.5% ABV
  • This ale pours to a light burnt sienna colour, with a weak, wispy head.
  • The aroma is of caramel, orange and a touch of floral hoppiness.
  • Orange and caramel also come out in the flavour……orange zest more so than the sweet orange juice flavour.
  • This beer has a very even balance with a sweet start and a bitter finish.
  • We belive this would be a very pleasant dinner beer, pairing with a variety of dishes.
  • Good quality product, would drink this again and again.



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Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel, St-Jérôme, PQ

  • 5.5%ABV
  • Brewed with Hemp Seeds……no hippies were harmed in the creation of this beer…at least I hope not.
  • Opaque, auburn coloured beer, with a really full light brown head.
  • Has a “wake you up and pour molasses all over your body and into some orifices” molasses smell
  • Also an earthy and almost dusty aroma exists, not unlike that typical “dirty hippy” aroma.
  • Flavour is also earthy with a warming alcohol finish, with a bit of hoppy bitterness.
  • Mouthfeel is dry and the finish is abrupt and cleansing.
  • No unusual cravings for burritos occured after drinking this beer.



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Tree Brewing Co., Kelowna, British Columbia

  • 6.4% ABV
  • “Shmell like punkin!!” exclaimed Shane.
  • Dark amber to red coloured, cloudy and full of sediment
  • Good fingers worth of beige creamy head
  • The aroma has a smooth and mellow spiciness, light biscuity malt, and a slight baked pumpkin smell. Nutmeg seems to be the prominent spice noted.
  • Tastes like sweet liquid pumpkin pie. Very malty….sweet heavy molasses.
  • Not much spice on the palate.
  • The mouthfeel is creamy and sustains in the mouth.
  • One of our favorite pumpkin beers of the season….buy it, and try it. Belching is encouraged.



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Picaroons’s Traditional Ales, Fredericton, New Brunswick

  • 5%ABV
  • Good two fingers worth of frothy head sit upon a slightly opaque, peach coloured brew.
  • Slightly yeast aroma, with a nice sweet maple note
  • In the favour there are notes of orange peel and lemon
  • It’s a bit drying on the mouth with a clean crisp finish….good palate cleanser
  • Very ordinary, but overall an excellent quality beer.
  • Most certainly we would drink this one again, but not certain if it is sold in Alberta….this was brought to us from the East Coast.