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Weltenburger Kloster Abbey Brewery, Germany

  • 4.9% ABV
  • Pours a solid very thick, shaving cream like head, which holds up for the entire duration of drinking this beer.
  • Cloudy, hazy straw coloured, which almost seems to glow.
  • Aroma is yeasty with strong lemon notes
  • The flavour is a bit sour with a chemically, grassy flavour, which is drying to the mouth.
  • Although the flavour is quite light, it lingers on the tongue for quite some time.


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Amber Brewing Co., Edmonton, Alberta

  • 5.3% ABV
  • Pours a very weak head, that completely disappears in seconds
  • This lager is a brilliant rich copper colour, with a very slight degree of carbonation.
  • Very strong, sweet aroma of brown sugar and maple syrup.
  • The aroma translates to the same sweet maple syrup flavour.
  • It tastes very strong of maple syrup, with very little “beer” flavour coming through at all.
  • The Sap Vampire is tasty, would be good for dessert, but is very much a novelty beer.
  • If you like Pancakes with maple syrup, give it a chance.


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Ayinger Brewery, Germany

  • 6.7% ABV
  • Brief sparkly head with a creamy latte colour.
  • Body is a deep black with a mahogany hue.
  • Malty sweet aroma, roasted notes come through, molases.
  • Pleasant sweet start on the palate with the roasted oat notes carrying through, excellent transition to a bitter coffee finish that lingers.
  • Very nice evening time beer to relax with, definately will be picking Celebrator up again.
  • rate Celebrator #1 2011 in the strong ales category.


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Quidi Vidi Brewery, St. John’s, Newfoundland

  • 5% ABV
  • Reddish-Gold brilliantly transparent with very few bubbles
  • The head dissipates to virtually nothing in a matter of seconds
  • Medium intensity green apple aroma]
  • Flavour is light with note of caramel maltiness
  • This easy drinking beer is very smooth and refreshing.
  • Has a quick low intensity finish.


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Howe Sound Brewing, Squamish, BC

  • 6% ABV, 68 IBUs
  • Rich amber to copper coloured opaque ale
  • Pours to a thick, persistent, foamy head which is reminiscent of shaving cream.
  • Medium intensity aroma of burnt sugar, rose, and grapefruit
  • The burnt sugar aroma translates to a slight caramel flavour and a generous  herbaciousness.
  • Medium body with a slightly creamy mouthfeel, and very little carbonation.
  • Hoppy finish is long and lingering, but not unpleasant

Bonus Photo: Fridge is Always Stocked For Beer Night!!

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Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel, St-Jérôme, PQ

  • 9.8% ABV
  • This is a winter-style Barley Wine….high alcohol content, keeps you warm!
  • Deep brown colour with some rich amber streaks through out.
  • Pours out a very heavy, bubbly head..
  • There is defiantly a good amount of sediments floating around in this beer.
  • The aroma is smokey, burnt caramel. There is also a strong alcohol smell about this barley wine.
  • At first this tastes sweet and similar to a malt liquor, but finishes with that burnt sugar bitterness.
  • There is also a syrupy thick mouthfeel.