Unibroue, Chambly, PQ

  • 5% Alcohol content
  • Belgian Witbier style (white ale), bottle fermented
  • Strong yeast aroma, slighty soapy
  • Flavour is extreamly mild, mindlessly light, slight apricot notes that die off quickly
  • Very bubbly, constant bubbles, slightly cloudy, good thick head
  • Thirst quenching

2 Responses to “BLANCHE DE CHAMBLY”

  1. Hi there,

    As drinker of Blanche de Bruxelles, I was looking for a local approach. I heard good things about this one but never had the chance to taste it. I am new in town, looking for the true flavor of Canadian beer. Any recommendations on where to find a decent beer store and/or pub?. Cheers

  2. Hey Greg, sorry it’s been so long to get back to you. Been a really busy last couple months for us outside the blog. Hope you’re enjoying the city and had a wonderful holiday season. There are quite a few great liquor/beer stores in town depending what area you’re living in. Kensington Wine Market in Kensington and Zyn in Inglewood and Bankers Hall are all great when downtown. Co-op Liquor stores have really upped their product quality in the last 5 years or so and carry some quality beers now as well. All worth checking out. If you’re out for the night and want a good beer downtown some of our favs are Craft, Beer Revolution and BottleScrew Bills. Enjoy the city and the beers, hope to hear from you soon.

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